The Six-Figure Blonde Specialist™

The Six-Figure Blonde Specialist™ is a step-by-step, growth-focused program to master social media, create a unique brand identity, and learn high-value blonding techniques.


What if...

You had all the tools necessary to transform your beauty business?


Are you new to the industry, looking to grow a modern business with social media while working independently? Do you desire premium clients from Day 1, being able to book out your calendar for months without batting an eye?

Or are you an experienced stylist realizing that you’re ready for a fresh rebrand in your business?

Maybe you’ve had amazing success but you are ready to gain newfound momentum, elevate your techniques, and start to position yourself as a greater authority in your space.

We have the perfect solution for you!

Introducing... The Six-Figure Blonde Specialist™

In six weeks, you'll learn the foundations that will set your business up for long-term success by working less, and making more. 

In this program, you'll learn how to set up an efficient marketing and retention funnel, create a unique brand identity, set your prices to scale to six figures, and offer your clients luxury, sought-after blonde services.


Your Success Starts Here

For beauty professionals who desire freedom, premium clients, and the ability to make six figures- but don't know how to get there (yet).

Our formula teaches you exactly how to get there inside the The Six-Figure Blonde Specialist™. This is our proven formula that gives you every resource to lay the foundation of your dream career. 

Whether you are a new beauty professional, or ready to restructure your business, our method will teach you the three most important factors behind creating a thriving business.

  • Marketing - getting your ideal clients in the door.
  • Retention - creating recurring revenue for your business.
  • Premium Blonde Services - how to structure your prices and offer quality services to meet your six-figure goals. 


Backed by our WHEEL OF SUCCESS™ Signature Framework

Marketing - Onboarding - Signature Offers - Retention 


Our Wheel of Success signature framework teaches you how to stand out in a competitive industry, create content that attracts your ideal client, and set up a business structure that will allow you to make over $1,000 per day by working 3 days a week. 

Whether you are working independently behind the chair, or moving to the next level and launching an education business, - our framework takes the guesswork out of achieving your result. 

As a stylist of 13 years who has built a reputation with a highly committed community on social, one of the #1 education newsletters in our industry, and a high success rate of our students, I've discovered what it takes to build a successful and sustainable six-figure business in a competitive industry.

Over my time I’ve developed a signature strategy for long-term success hat I share inside our program. 

Now I’m here to teach you too.



  • Setting your income goals
  • Creating a retirement plan as a hairstylist
  • Statistics behind our growing industry
  • Prepping your mindset for success
  • Mastering your marketing funnel

  • Setup up your socials

  • How to speak to your ideal clients 

  • Elements of a powerful brand
  • Marketing on Tiktok vs. Instagram
  • SEO strategy + visibility 

  • Social media alternatives 
  • Shooting content in the salon without an assistant
  • Framework of a viral video
  • Content prompts that will get clients in your chair
  • How to get client testimonials
  • Client retention strategies
  •  How to price your services to set your business up for six-figure success
  • How to evaluate when it’s time to adjust or raise your prices 
  • How to structure your menu
  • How to offer your clients maximum value
  •  Setting up your client communication systems for success
  • How to navigate difficult clients or experiences
  • Salon policy guidelines
  •  Master high-ticket techniques 
  • My entire tutorial bank of the California Balayage™ Technique, Heavy Blonding™ Technique + more

This bonus training shares the secrets behind the stylists who "make it" in our industry vs. those who quit or give up (and it has nothing to do with Instagram followers, or social media fame). You don't want to miss this! 

"I needed to stay current and offer my clients the newest trends. Since learning the techniques from Soho Blondes I have transitioned from taking haircut clients all day, to increasing my prices and focusing my business on blondes and balayage. The techniques are simple to follow for beginners."

Stacey W

"The balayage, blonde, and social media education from Soho Blondes has been extremely helpful for my business. This has definitely upped my game and clients noticed and appreciate it."

Loren B

"I recently left my salon and started building my own independent business. It has been scary but also a great feeling. This course has helped me so much because I had no clue what I was doing. All the marketing prompts are basically genius. This has been a total lifesaver!"

Julia L


"Investing in oneself is the biggest cause of personal transformation"




Six-week curriculum to master marketing, retention, and premium blonde techniques

24/7 Support and Private Community included
Join now for immediate access




Six-week curriculum to master marketing, retention, and premium blonde techniques

24/7 Support and Private Community included
Join now for immediate access

Hi, I'm Giselle

I'm the creator of The Six-Figure Blonde Specialist™. I've been a hairstylist for 13 years and am a blonde and balayage specialist in New York City.

Our industry can be tough, because once we become licensed we are pretty much on our own!

Years ago, I decided that I wanted to work with clients I love, set my schedule, and wake up everyday loving what I do for a living!

It seemed impossible at the time, but this was a turning point in my career. I was able to accomplish my goals and create a method that teaches independent beauty professionals how to attract and retain their clients using the power of social media marketing.

By learning a few simple strategies, I transformed my career- and I teach others the step-by-step process to follow inside our Six-Figure Blonde Specialist™.

If you've ever felt confused running your business, or wondered how to create long-term success while maintaining a work / life balance - it's possible! You're in the right place :)


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