Why I don't follow hair influencers

Mar 31, 2024

The reason I've never struggled financially in my business unlike the majority of our industry is because I don't follow or idolize mainstream "hair influencers" or accounts like Behind the Chair.

If these influencers were giving away the secrets to success, don't you think more of our industry would be thriving instead of living in poverty?

Sure they may give away "social media tips", like- take photos in good lighting, and generic things like that. And of course some of them have great classes to learn new technical skills. But none of them are going to tell you how THEY got to the top.

These influencers project the toxic idea into our industry that if you don't have tons of followers, you can't be successful.

So many times, I hear stylists tell me that because they live in a small town they don't think they can raise their prices- which is false.

In fact, I recently had a co-worker tell me he made MORE as a blonde specialist in his small town in Tennessee, than he does in New York City, so there you go.

I can confidently tell you guys that I know several stylists who...

  • All have less than 1,000 followers
  • All make over $1,000 a day
  • Don't give a shit about being featured on Behind the Chair

In fact, I currently have a Tiktok account with 44 followers that is averaging me 1 new client request per week.

Quality clients don't care how many followers you have or if you won a BTC one-shot award.

They care if you can solve their problems, make them feel confident, and provide them with an amazing experience. And the more you show this through your marketing, the more you'll attract these clients.


If you are a new stylist, don't fall victim to the popularity contest of trying to fit into the toxic hair industry.

Focus on growing your business, serving your customers, and learning how to market yourself - and that's how you'll be a successful stylist :)